The art of creation

Alchemy Vodka

Inspired by the medieval art of transformation and creation, we give you Alchemy Vodka – a perfectly balanced premium quality spirit.

Alchemy Vodka is the effect of an almost magical distillation process of the most humble, yet highest quality ingredients, which are used to create the exceptional elixir.

Enter the world of hidden symbols and the secret knowledge of the masters of distillation – the world of Alchemy.


New Release

Alchemy Polish Vodka

Alchemy Vodka is best served well chilled but not frozen. This way you’ll be able to taste more of the subtle flavours.

Mix it up!

Get to know our secret recipes, thanks to which you will be able to create the perfect elixir.


Times Distilled


% alc.


Bottle size (CL)



  • Polish Vodka
  • Protected Geographical Origin
  • 100% Grain from Poland
A History of Polish Vodka


Polish vodka

Historical and ethnographic studies suggest that vodka was created in Poland in the 8th century. The original word for vodka is „gorzałka”, which can be translated as „burning water”.



Alchemists thought that nature was always striving to perfect itself. Intricate crucibles, alchemists exhibited a willingness to experiment and mentality that explored multiple disciplines in hopes of illuminating nature’s intricacies.

Alchemy - Our Story