Alchemy /ˈalkɪmi/

  1. The medieval forerunner of chemistry, concerned with the transmutation of matter, in particular with attempts to convert base metals into gold or find a universal elixir.
  2. seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

Alchemists thought that nature was always striving to perfect itself.  cauldrons and intricate crucibles, alchemists exhibited a willingness to experiment and mentality that  explored multiple disciplines in hopes of illuminating nature’s intricacies through honest scholarship and research.


The word alchemy comes from Old French alquemie, alkimie, used in Medieval Latin as alkimia. This name was itself brought from the Arabic word al-kīmiyā (الكيمياء or الخيمياء – composed of two parts): the Late Greek term khēmeía (χημεία), also spelled khumeia (χυμεία) and khēmía (χημία), and the Arabic definite article al- (الـ,( meaning ‘The’). Together this association can be interpreted as ‘the process of transmutation by which to fuse or reunite with the divine or original form’.

Just like in Alchemy Vodka, where we fused the humble, quality ingredients to create the perfect spirit.

Alchemists thought that nature was always striving to perfect itself. In their chambers, surrounded by smoking cauldrons and intricate crucibles, alchemists experimented, combining knowledge from multiple disciplines, hoping to explore the nature’s intricacies through research.

Alchemy Vodka

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