Burning water

Historical and ethnographic studies suggest that vodka was created in Poland in the 8th century. The original word for vodka is „gorzałka”, which can be translated as „burning water”.
The term is first found in a 1405 document called „Akta Grodzkie” from the Palatine of Sandomierz, which preceded any documented mention of „vodka” known today. Gorzałka was originally used for medicinal purposes, as mentioned in Russian documents from 1533, detailing import of „burning water” from Poland for medicinal used. A year later „gorzałka” is again mentioned in the medical manual „O ziolach y o moczy gich” (ENG: On Herbs and Their Potency) by Stefan Falimierz.

Vodka for pleasure

It was around this time people began to drink vodka for pleasure and social reasons, as they are to this day. Over the centuries, the production of vodka in Poland has become part of the national tradition, history and social life. Because its importance to Polish culture, the production of vodka was systematically improved, and the secrets of its production were passed down through generations, resulting in spirit elevated to the heights of quality, which can be enjoyed today.

Currently, „Polish vodka” is a legally protected indication of the geographical origin of the product granted by the Polish Vodka Association only to vodka brands that meet certain criteria.

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Did you know?

The Rolling Stones performed in Warsaw in exchange for a wagon of Polish vodka.